TCP-IP file transfer,full procedure

FTP Concepts and General Operation. The developers of the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) had to balance the need for a rich set of functionality with the desire for a protocol that was as simple and easy to implement as possible. FTP is therefore not nearly as simple as its "little brother", the Trivial file transfer protocol (tftp),

Standard TCP/IP Services. FTP and Anonymous FTP – The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) transfers files to and from a remote network. The protocol includes the ftp command and the in.ftpd daemon. FTP enables a user to specify the name of the remote host and file transfer command options on the local host’s command line.

The original specification for the File Transfer Protocol was written by Abhay Bhushan and published as RFC 114 on 16 April 1971. Until 1980, FTP ran on NCP, the predecessor of TCP/IP. The protocol was later replaced by a TCP/IP version, RFC 765 (June 1980) and RFC 959 (October 1985), the current specification.

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I’ve written code to transfer a file from client to server using C#.NET socket application. That code has used TCP protocol to send file, that can run in LAN and WAN (Internet).. File transfer – File Sometimes transferred full n sometimes incomplete. Member 2930461 13-Mar-11 21:24. Member.

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System Administration Guide: IP ServicesThis book is for anyone responsible for administering TCP/IP network services for systems that run Oracle Solaris. The book discusses a broad range of Internet Protocol (ip) network administration topics. These topics include IPv4 and ipv6 network configuration, managing TCP/IP networks, DHCP address configuration, IP Security using IPsec and IKE, IP.