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Getting approved for a mortgage loan with high student loan debt is a doable. " Not only do student loan defaulters see a black mark on their credit score, says Jeff Miller, co-founder of Maryland-based AE Home Group.. able to mortgage our home using a physician's loan (Masters' husband is a dentist.).

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About 44 million graduates shoulder more than $30,000 in student loans. In fact, student debt is the second largest consumer debt in the US, trailing only mortgage. to get an inside look at the.

Instead, Davis filled out paperwork presented to her by the financial-aid office that unwittingly signed her up for more than $22,000 in federal student loans. her debt has ruined her credit,

If you can reduce the monthly amount you have to pay to cover your debt commitments by refinancing your student loans or paying off a credit card or two, this can help lower your DTI and increase your financing options. Additionally, if someone else is helping you with your student loan payments, say your parents or a fairy godmother has.

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Can a graduate student get a mortgage?. through financial difficulties or have any financial mess and you need money to start your own business or you need a loan to pay the debt or pay from your account at the beginning of a good deal, or you’re struggling to get loans from domestic banks.

Student loans are the most popular form of debt in the U.S. right now-even more so than credit cards, mortgages or any other kind of loan. Whether you'll be.

How to Get a Mortgage When You Have Student Loan Debt. N early 44 million Americans harbor student loan debt in excess of $1 trillion. For many people, student loans are key to getting the education they need to achieve their career goals. As helpful as that can be, most people know that going into debt to pay for college also has its downsides.

(Credit card debt and student loans are unsecured.) The following four key consumer loans affect how much house you can afford in different ways. Read on to find out what steps you can take to improve your credit if you have these loans (or are considering them), so you can qualify for the best mortgage rates out there.