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Description: Why a homeowner or other mortgagor in NY and other judicial-foreclosure states should stop paying the mortgage if financial difficulty is expected in 6 months, invite a foreclosure action, defend the action timely and vigorously (at low cost), and use the extended time to obtain a reasonable modification agreement or find a buyer.

BofA transferring my loan in middle of foreclosure? Thread starter autumn. There have been no new motions or entries or anything in the foreclosure case in almost 9 months.. I knew I could never get a modification because my income had dropped so low that I really couldn’t make any sort of.

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Florida foreclosure defense blog is the Blog of Foreclosure Defense department of Shuster and Saben, LLC a law firm of six attorneys with offices in Miami, Florida and Plantation, Florida. We defend homeowners facing foreclosure in South and Southwest Florida, Central Florida, and in the Treasure and Space Coast.

homeowners lose because they fail to understand a foreclosure is a breach of contract case 2019-01-01; mortgage fraud examiners warns: the statute of limitations does not bar collection of amounts more than five years past due 2018-12-27; beware of known fraudster &.

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Meanwhile, your lender’s recourse action would be to move forward, as it would appear they have done, under the law to strip you of your legal right to the property by executing a suit (foreclosure). Again, you should contact the attorney hired to process the foreclosure action. They will best be able to establish for you a specific vacate.

Once a borrower is delinquent, mortgage companies typically won’t accept payments and will require that the loan be paid in full. After unpaid interest, taxes, penalties, and attorney fees, her lawyer.

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Borrower Almost Gets Out of Her Mortgage Because of a Lender’s Mistake Imagine that you’re in dire financial trouble, you can’t pay your mortgage, and you’re trying desperately to defend yourself in a foreclosure case.